1. Preschool
The philosophy of the Preschool Section is based on the following beliefs and principles:
  • Each child is unique and may have abilities which are different from those of other children.
  • The dignity and worth of each child must be respected and enhanced.
  • At any given time, each child is developing physically, emotionally, intellectually, socially and creatively. All these areas are related to and dependent on one another and are of equal importance in the child development.
  • The child has a natural curiosity that, in an appropriate environment, results in an eagerness to learn. Providing opportunities that stimulate this curiosity is important.
  • Play is essential to children learning.
Preschool students are exposed to a variety of learning centers that change according to themes taught or learning experiences. Children are guided into moving from one center to another to explore and learn while acquiring skills and concepts independently. Since children learn best through the use of their five senses, projects, activities, and lessons are given through a hands-on approach, providing developmentally appropriate experiences. 

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