2. Elementary School
The Elementary Section curriculum is designed to nurture the child in all dimensions of his/her life: cognitive, emotional, imaginative, aesthetic, social and physical. The section's goals are to foster the development of critical thinking, reasoning, and communication skills that help students to build an educational foundation that will give them knowledge, skills, and self-confidence. 

 Our philosophy is that all children are naturally curious, enthusiastic, and eager to acquire new experiences and knowledge. 

 As educators, it is our responsibility to provide an educational experience to maximize each child's potential. We emphasize a well-rounded curriculum that incorporates child-centered principles. The curriculum embraces different teaching approaches and methodologies that complement and enrich our academic program. 

Our Goals Are: 
  • To provide our students with a warm atmosphere in which a comprehensive scholastic program of fundamental education can be given. 
  • To provide a variety of educational materials to enhance our curriculum.
  • To provide the opportunity to learn the content through varied hands-on experiences.
  • To provide the opportunity for each student to grow academically and socially, thus preparing the child for lifelong learning. 

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