Fortnite Letter

Dear Parents,

I am writing to you to make sure that you are aware of a game that many children are playing online at home. The game in question is called Fortnite.

It is a free online survival game, in its basic form, where up to 100 players are dropped onto a fictional island and players are then forced to battle it out in a last-person-standing death match. This game exposes your child to strangers across the world, with enabled features such as voice & text chatting.

Our issue is that, despite Fortnite having an age restriction of 12, there are some children at LWIS-USL who have been playing this game online at home*.

As always, when it comes to playing games online we recommend that parents pay attention to the PEGI ratings. If your child is going to play online games please talk to them about what they are playing and with who, and let them know that they can always come to you or another trusted adult if something happens in the game that upsets them.

We also recommend that you set rules and boundaries, and use your parental control to limit your child use of the games, as well as monitor your child’s online activity at home. Gaming can be a healthy part of day-to-day life, but too much screen time is never good for anyone. Please try to limit your child’s gaming time to appropriate times.

Fortnite is not only affecting the behavior of children all over the world, but it is also affecting their academic standing, as the kids are spending more time playing than studying at home.

Thank you, in advance, for your support with this sensitive matter.

* All online games are blocked at LWIS-USL.

For more details please Check the guide here.


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