3. Middle & High School
In the Middle and High School Sections, positive and constructive communication with students creates a supportive, nurturing and safe environment through which students are encouraged to express themselves freely, and the teachers' guidance facilitates the future choices and decisions that the students undertake. 

The curriculum is designed to help the teachers in using different methodologies to reach all different learning styles, as well as give support to students that are in need, and to challenge students with special talents. The department expectations and consequences have been set to help the students learn how to appreciate applying rules and be effective citizens. 

The different types of assessments used help in diagnosing students’ needs. The involvement in different educational and extracurricular projects gives the middle and senior students the opportunity to experience application of concepts and discover their interests and talents. The continuous communication with parents, teachers, and students ensures a well-structured support system for students. 

The department goal is to make students become: 
  • Independent lifelong learners
  • Effective citizens
  • Decision makers
  • Self-motivated individuals
  • Logical, critical and creative thinkers
  • Self-evaluators capable of fulfilling their own potential
  • Team players to whom accepting diversity is part of their character 

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