Gallery 2017-2018
CS - Bowl of Rice

Preschool Mother's Day

MUN New York

Elementary Mother's Day

The Olympians

KG1 Pet Shop Visit

Elementary Book Character Day

MUN Grade 8

Elementary Friendship Day

Preschool Friendship Day

Preschool invites High School Learners

Faraya Ski Trip 2018

Middle School FISTA Project

Harvard Model Congress Dubai 2018

Parents Committee Spelling Bee Competition

Bonne Annee 2018

Elementary Trip to Arnaoon

CS - Christmas Visit

Tis the Season - Preschool

CS - Christmas Visit

Spreading Kindness - Middle School

Winter Wonderland - Middle School

Merry Morning Monday - Middle School

Preschool Trip to Arnanoon

Grade 3 at "Wahet el Farah"

Character Education - Arts "Peace Project"

Art in Action

Trip to the National Museum

Visit to the Army Commandos Base

Preschoolers are Proud to be Lebanese

Spreading our Love for Lebanon

CS - Planting Trees

DAFA Clothing Campaign

Bring your Pet to School

Grade 1 Icecream Shop Visit

Preschool Trip to Kidzmondo

Grade 2 Science Inventions from Recycled Materials

Grade 3 Boat Concept Challenge

CS - Olive Picking

Pumkin Carving Night

Seniors Halloween Party

LWIS-USL Peaceful Conflict Resolution

Recycling Project with Grade 4 & 5

Elementary Orientation

Recycling Project
Seniors vs. Teachers

The Power of Words
Little Learners Lab Visit

Middle & High School Orientation
Elementary First Day of School

Preschool First Day of School
Middle & High School First Day of School

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