School Fees


School Fees 2018-2019

*Tuition Fees

PRESCHOOL: KG1, KG2, KG3 USD 3865,-*
ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Grade 1-Grade 5 USD 4480,-*
MIDDLE SCHOOL: Grade 6-Grade8 USD 4480,-*
HIGH SCHOOL: Grade9-Grade12 USD 5200,-*

*Or the equivalent in Lebanese pounds.

*The tuition fees maybe further increased once official salaries are formalized.

من الممكن اجراء تعديل على الأقساط المدرسية في حال صدور قوانين جديدة تتعلق بالرواتب والأجور*

- Preschool tuition fees include a Breakfast & drink.

- Accident insurance is included in the tuition fees.





MIDDLE SCHOOL: Grade6-Grade8

HIGH SCHOOL: Grade9-Grade12

USD 250,-

USD 350,-

USD 430,-

USD 380,-

GRADE6 TO GRADE12 FIRST STATIONARY                  USD 40,-

PRESCHOOL TECHNOLOGY FEE                                        USD 100,-

GRADE1 TO GRADE12 TECHNOLOGY FEE               USD 200,-

All Arabic books are to be purchased by the parents.


For new students, an application fee of USD 100 is required with the submission of each application. This fee is non refundable. For both new and former students, a payment of USD 500 towards place confirmation is to be paid upon registration. This registration fee will be deducted from the last payment of tuition fees.

Terms of Payment:

Registration Fee

1st Payment no later than September 15

2nd Payment no later than January 16

3rd Payment no later than March 16

K1 to Grade 12

500$ Payable in March

50% of tuition fees + Book Rental + 50% of transport fee (where applicable)

25% of tuition fees + 25% of transport fee (where applicable)

25% of tuition fees + 25% of transport fee less the registration fee (where applicable)

10% reduction for 3rd child

15% reduction for 4th child


Special Education:

USD 2,600 in Preschool & Elementary School

USD 3,600 in Middle & High School

Transportation Fees:

The school provides transportation as far as north as Tripoli and as far south as Jbeil. Transportation fees will be paid along with the tuition fees in three installments.

Once paid, all fees will be non-refundable.

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